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How to choose a suitable laser cutting machine?

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As the manufacturing industry continues to develop, laser-cutting machines have become essential processing equipment for many factories and businesses. There are various types of laser cutting machines on the market, ranging from several hundred watts to tens of thousands of watts, and the prices vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. So, how do you choose a laser-cutting machine that suits your needs?

Full Covered Type Laser Cutter

Determine the Type and Thickness of the Material to be Cut

Laser-cutting machines can cut a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, etc. When choosing a laser cutting machine, you should select the appropriate model based on the type of material and thickness you need to cut. First, estimate the thickness of the material to be processed by the laser cutting machine. For example, if the material thickness is 1 mm, then the maximum processing thickness of the laser cutting machine should be 0.5 mm. If the customer wants to cut it into a straight line, then the cutting depth is 1 mm; if multiple straight lines are needed, then the cutting depth is 2 mm. Generally, the thicker the cutting material, the greater the laser power required, and the higher the price of the machine.

fiber laser machine

Choose the Appropriate Power and Model

Currently, laser cutting machines are divided into three different types: low power, medium power, and high power. Generally, low-power manufacturers are the most concentrated in the market. Due to mature technology and low barriers to entry, manufacturers continue to simplify laser cutting machines and material cutting to maximize profits. Therefore, choosing a low-power laser cutting machine from a brand with a quality guarantee is the safest option. In addition to the high quality of these equipment enterprises, medium and high-power laser cutting machines are also a kind of information technology. Therefore, there are far fewer manufacturers that can do medium and high power than low power, as it is an important technical management work.

Format and Burr Degree

As for the size, the mainstream is 3015, which is 3 meters by 1.5 meters. However, size is not an issue. Generally speaking, companies will have multiple types of sizes for customers to choose from. The size of the workbench can generally be customized by manufacturers according to customer needs. Regarding the issue of burr, this process is actually what a customer is most concerned about. Generally speaking, solid yag has some burrs, which is mainly determined by the thickness of the cutting material and the use of different gases. Generally, there is no burr when the diameter is less than 4 mm. The gas has the best impact on nitrogen and oxygen, followed by the worst impact on air. The advantage of laser cutting of metal materials lies in thin plates. If you want to cut thick plates, it is recommended to choose CO2 cutting machine control or water cutting technology, etc. In addition, if you want to reduce burrs, you can choose a fiber laser cutting machine, which cuts the surface very smoothly and quickly.

Cutting Precision and Speed

The cutting accuracy and speed of a laser cutting machine are important indicators of its performance. Cutting accuracy refers to the dimensional error of the cut parts, and speed refers to the work efficiency of the laser cutting machine. Generally, the faster the cutting speed, the higher the production efficiency, but the cutting quality will also be affected. Therefore, it needs to be selected based on actual needs.

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Functionality and Configuration

The functionality and configuration of a laser cutting machine are also important factors affecting its performance. For example, whether it is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, robots, and other functions, as well as the power of the laser, beam quality, and other parameters. For instance, the quality of the beam greatly affects the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine, so it is necessary to pay attention to the parameters of the laser such as wavelength, spot diameter, and focal length. Generally, the better the beam quality, the higher the cutting quality.

Choose the Appropriate Price Based on the Budget

Many customers consider the input-output ratio when purchasing equipment. Compared to low-power laser cutting machines, high-power cutting efficiency has a great advantage, but the higher the power, the higher the price. Many customers want to choose high power, but considering the affordability of funds, customers will hesitate.

Of course, in addition to the power factor of the laser cutting machine affecting the main price, other resource configurations will also have an important impact, such as air compressors, dust collectors, and chillers. The configuration of laser cutting machines varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and prices may vary greatly. Therefore, when choosing to use a laser cutting machine brand, considering the price, the best solution is to choose a laser automatic cutting machine equipment manufacturer with a high cost-performance ratio. Durmapress is a good choice in this area.

After-Sales Service

The after-sales service of each manufacturer varies, and warranty times are inconsistent. In terms of after-sales service, not only can customers provide an effective daily maintenance technical plan, but also a professional training and education system for machinery and laser software to help enterprise customers get started quickly.

In addition, no matter how good a laser cutting machine is, users will encounter various problems during use. Facing customers who cannot solve their problems, manufacturers need to provide timely solutions. This is also an important factor we need to consider when purchasing a laser cutting machine.

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