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HTM series fiber laser cutting machine Performance characteristics & features

HTM series fiber laser cutting machine Performance characteristics:

1. Dual servo motor drive.

2, with higher stability, higher speed and faster acceleration

3, full digital CNC servo motor communication.

4, the machine adopts gantry structure, imported reducer and high precision linear guide rail, smooth transmission, high precision, greatly improve the production efficiency of machine tools.

5, the machine adopts the overall welding structure, rough machining after annealing, and then vibration aging treatment, can eliminate the stress of welding and processing, good rigidity, high precision, can keep long time use without deformation.

6, the beam is made of aluminum alloy casting as a whole, roughed after two high temperature back, and then after vibration aging, by high precision processing molding, good rigidity, light weight, good dynamic performance.

7, imported high precision proportional control valve, precise control of cutting auxiliary gas pressure, in order to achieve accurate cutting effect.

Basic principle of laser cutting machine

The principle of laser cutting is to focus the laser beam into a small spot of light, so that the focal point to achieve a high power density, which is the beam input (by light energy conversion) heat is far more than the material reflected, conduction or diffusion of the part, the material quickly heated to the temperature of gasification, evaporation formed holes. As the light beam and material move in a relatively linear manner, the holes form slits of very narrow width.

HTM series Laser cutting features:

1. Narrow slit, small deformation, high precision, fast speed, high efficiency

2. Laser cutting is a kind of high energy, density controllability good non-contact processing

3. Compared with punch press and shearing machine, it does not need mold, saving the time of mold change and reducing the processing cost. Ability to cut complex shapes.

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