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The entire EU streamlined design, heat treatment frame, high rigidity workbench, optional mechanical

compensation device for precise bending.

Hydraulic synchronization control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure precise repeatability

and ease of use.

The integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth, Germany) can quickly and automatically switch to a slow bend.The X-axis and Y-axis are programmed by the NC E21 system to achieve accurate positioning of the inverter.

Advanced variable frequency hydraulic control technology, with more stable, and more reliable operation.

The optimal parameter ratio and optimal core configuration ensure stable performance and convenientoperation.

WC67K series press brake equipped with standard single-axis backgauge system (X-axis) and single-axis bendingangle system (Y-axis), you can choose to add V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold toeasily bend the workpiece with complex shapes.

Controller System:

ESTUN E21 is a simple NC control system designed to replaciESTUN is jointed company by HOLLAND DELEM AND CHINAESTUN E21can control X axis working into position accuratelESTUN E21 will work better accompany with FREQUENCYTRANSFORMER. FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER is not the stanCan program the software for future usage and has memoryCan set up different steps in one program

Timer can control the bending time

Control X/Y two axis

The operation manual is available

The install manual is available

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