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Hydraulic bending machine normal operation should pay attention to safety matters

Hydraulic bending machine is one of the common equipment in modern mold processing. Most CNC bending machine is the main way of working on the piston press,

its driving force has characteristics, specific and bending machine mold production process has a great relationship.

But it is undeniable that in normal use, the matters needing attention include the following:

CNC bending machine is characterized by two parallel movement of the working hydraulic cylinder to form pressure,

this pressure is vertical downward, pressure can drive the bending beam of the mold for bending work.

The typical bending process of the upper bending beam has several stages and links, including downward movement, static state and decompression, return and so on:

Downward movement

The downward closing movement of ordinary bending machine is generally the use of free fall, that is,

through the weight of the bending machine itself to produce movement; But the production of CNC bending machine mold is not so,

but the use of hydraulic cylinder rodless cavity to produce pressure, so the fast forward speed can reach 250mm/s, suitable for the production of strong mold.

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