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Analysis of four common faults of hydraulic bending machine

Fault one: the hydraulic system of hydraulic bending machine has no pressure

1. Check whether the solenoid coil of the share relief valve is powered and whether the voltage of the share solenoid coil meets the requirements.

For the above reasons, check the related electrical reasons.

2. Check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main spool is stuck, and whether the damping hole is blocked. If this is the case, remove the relief valve, clean it, and install it from scratch.

3. The phase adjustment of the three-phase power supply will cause the motor to reverse.

Fault two: the slide block of the hydraulic bending machine rotates quickly or slowly, and the time is too long.

1. Check whether the oil level in the fuel tank is too low, the refueling port is not immersed, and whether the liquid in the upper chamber of the cylinder is sucked and emptied during fast forward, resulting in insufficient refueling. For the above reasons, it is possible to add more than 5mm above the refueling port to completely fill the refueling port.

2. Check whether the fast forward speed is too fast, resulting in insufficient liquid filling. For the above reasons, you can reduce the fast forward speed by modifying the system parameters.

3. Check whether the filling valve is fully opened. If it is caused by oil pollution, the spool of the filling valve is not sensitive to movement, and there will be stuck phenomenon, resulting in insufficient filling. The valve needs to be cleaned and filled from the outset to make the spool sensitive.

Fault three: hydraulic bending machine slider return normal, fast forward normal, manual can not slow down, folding plate weak.

1. Check whether the "two position four way" reversing valve that controls the oil flow is working properly. If so, the refueling valve is not closed, so the upper chamber communicates with the tank refueling port and cannot establish pressure. Valves do not work properly because they are not energized or may be stuck.

2. Check whether the filling valve is stuck. If so, clean the fill valve and install it from scratch to make the spool sensitive.

Fault four: hydraulic bending machine slider return speed is too slow, return pressure is high. This failure is mainly because the refueling valve is not opened.

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