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What is the reason why the hydraulic bending machine punch is easy to break?

In order to prolong the service life of the punch, it is necessary to set the closing height reasonably. Hydraulic bending machine where are good,is found through a long time of use, its punch is very easy to break, do not know is due to the punch of the hydraulic bending machine parts of the quality is not up to standard, is still because of our manipulation caused by the wrong way? To this technical staff gave a professional answer, both factors.

In the bending homework, if the material is improperly positioned, it will cause punching punch cutting side, resulting in fracture,if the positioning or feeding device can be properly adjusted, there will be no cause of uneven force and fracture. After detailed analysis, the following points are drawn:

The reason why the punch of the hydraulic bending machine is easily broken may be due to the setting of the closing height is too low,resulting in the punch cutting edge is too long. So not only do you have to clean up the waste, but you also have to rebuild the fixed parts of the punch and the guide parts to keep them in order.

In addition, the cutting edge of the punch is not sharp, the punch surface strain, the punch is too thin and too long,and the punch is too hard to pass through the high will cause the culprit of the hydraulic bending machine punch fracture,check the clear and detailed reasons before taking the corresponding solution measures, effectively extend the service life of the bending machine parts.

If the punch edge is too short or is not fixed well with the punch, it will interfere with the punch board or move up and down.

If it is serious, the punch is broken. At this time, it is necessary to fix or change the punch again, and increase the length of the cutting edge department appropriately to improve the original situation.

And in addition to the quality and human factors mentioned above, hydraulic bending machine punch easy to break is also related to the structure design, installation location and other unfair.

Once the waste into the hydraulic bending machine die, resulting in its knife edge is blocked, it is easy to cause the same consequence, is the punch fracture.

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