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Hydraulic brake type plate shearing machine operating procedure

Hydraulic gate shearing machine will be used in mechanical processing, so it is necessary for us to understand it, so that we can use this machine well, not know how to start, Jinpeng machine tool factory to tell you about the operation steps of hydraulic gate shearing machine.

1. Hydraulic brake type plate shearing machine  Machine adjustment

(1) If you want to adjust the edge clearance value, then just press the adjustment button on the machine tool panel, should be adjusted according to the thickness of the cut plate.

② Press the shear Angle adjustment button on the panel, you can adjust the shear Angle, mainly to adjust the size of the Angle.

(3) In the case of the same clearance between the left and right ends, adjust the top pull screw of the knife seat, you can adjust the uniformity of the edge clearance.

2. Maintenance of hydraulic system

① Hydraulic circuit: check the oil level of the tank regularly. If the oil level is lower than the middle line of the oil standard, it should be supplemented; When the machine is officially used for 500 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once. After every 2000 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once. The hydraulic fluid used must meet the standards and the tank must be thoroughly cleaned each time the oil is changed.

② Oil filter: it is necessary to clean regularly. You can use gasoline or trichloroethylene and other solutions. When the machine is used for the first time, it should be cleaned once after 8 days of use and then after every 30 days of work. In addition, if the oil filter component is seriously damaged, it can not continue to be used and should be replaced immediately.

③ Inspection of mechanical parts: for all fasteners, we should check once a week, mainly to see whether there is loosening, but also to see the lubrication and wear situation. If there is an anomaly, it should be dealt with in time, and it can continue to be used.

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