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The system structure and technical characteristics of hydraulic four-roller plate winder are described

The system composition of the hydraulic four-roller plate winding machine:

1, steel structure frame all annealed to eliminate stress, and the welding strength meets the design stiffness requirements.


2, all rollers are forged from high strength steel, after heat treatment, the surface automatically induction hardening after rolling plate.


3, with coil cone equipment and hydraulic balance system.


4, rolling machine under the roller distance can be reconciled can not be adjusted two.


5. The side rollers of the equipment are pushed to move by the hydraulic piston, and the hydraulic inverted head frame is convenient for the unloading of the cylinder after the winding is completed.


6, the equipment can realize double digital output image display the position of the work roller, screen with overload protection.


The technical characteristics of the hydraulic four-roller plate winding machine:

1, intelligent CNC system, automatic winding, one-time molding;


2, Italian industrial automation technology, no interference;


3, the working rollers are forged alloy steel, and after the corresponding quenching and quenching treatment; For the lifetime use of the work roll has played a safe guarantee;


4, the hydraulic drive of the upper and lower roller shaft reduces the amount of straight edge of sheet metal pre-bending, improves the efficiency of rolling, and increases the accuracy of automatic rolling;


5, the use of tile room self-aligning bearing lubrication technology (bearing life without refueling).

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