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hydraulic numerical control bending machine mold processing Q235

The CNC bending machine mold includes a bracket, a work table and a clamping plate. When used, the wire is electrified on the coil, and the power is generated on the pressing plate, so as to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressing plate and the base.

 hydraulic numerical control bending machine mold processing Q235 sheet material to do a brief introduction:

1. First, switch on the power supply, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump, so that you can hear the sound of the oil pump.

2, travel adjustment, use must pay attention to adjust the travel, must be tested before bending.Its upper die must be guaranteed to have a plate thickness clearance when running down to the bottom.Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold machine, Linxia bending machine.The adjustment of the stroke is also a quick electric adjustment.

3, bending groove selection, generally choose the plate thickness of 8 times the width of the notch.Such as bending 4mm sheet material, need to choose about 32 notch.

4, the rear stopper adjustment is generally electric rapid adjustment and manual fine tuning, the method is the same as the plate shearing machine.

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