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The main features and uses of hydraulic plate bending machine

The main features and uses of hydraulic plate bending machine:


WC67Y hydraulic plate bending machine adopts steel plate welding structure, vibration aging to eliminate stress, the machine has good rigidity and stability,

the whole frame is rigid, stable, safe and reliable, easy to operate,

through the digital display of bending machine and hydraulic system coordination control, to achieve the ideal bending effect.


Technical description of hydraulic sheet bending machine:


All steel welded structure, vibration elimination force, high mechanical strength, good rigidity.


Hydraulic up transmission, stable and reliable.


Mechanical block, torque shaft synchronization, high precision.


The distance of rear stopper and the stroke of upper slider adopt electric adjustment, manual fine adjustment device and digital display.

The upper die is equipped with a deflection compensation mechanism,

and the lower deflection compensation mechanism is used for the length above 250 tons and 4000mm.



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