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Hydraulic plate shearing machine performance and characteristics——Adopt advanced hydraulic system, stable performance.

All steel welded structure, comprehensive treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) to eliminate internal stress, has good rigidity and stability.

Adopt advanced hydraulic system, stable performance Hydraulic plate shearing machine.

Adopt precision sliding guide rail, eliminate the gap of guide rail, high shearing quality.

Electric rear stopper, electronic digital display Hydraulic plate shearing machine.

The blade clearance is adjusted by handle and the scale is displayed rapidly, accurately and conveniently.

Rectangular blade, four blade openings can be used, long service life. Shear Angle can be adjusted to reduce sheet distortion.

The upper and lower tool rest adopt incline structure, easy to blanking, and can improve the accuracy of the workpiece.

With sectional shear function; It has the function of lighting device.

Rear loading device (optional configuration).
According to the hydraulic shearing machine working process, the initial shearing process, high-speed steel, steel speed, braking,

evacuation, braking, shearing, door, stacking nine periods. The shearing machine to do a good job of the initial operation.

After the hydraulic plate shearing machine system is started, the high-speed operation of the control panel;

At the set time interval, the control signal is announced for low speed operation of the steel plate;

When the plate reaches the required length, the system brake time.

After the plate stops if the higher plate needs the length of the plate, and then enters a period of time to exit,

or announces the brake, shear shears what function of the signal and according to the practice of shears,

will be able to take the brake and shear process as the whole process of the whole process in parallel.

Hydraulic shears are announced to brake and shear signals, maintaining two processes;

After cutting, announce the door signal, the roll forward this rigid;

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