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Hydraulic press brake machine 160tx3200 performance characteristics

Hydraulic press brake machine 160tx3200 performance characteristics:

1, the use of all-steel welding structure, have enough strength and rigidity, CNC bending machine, the main machine WF67Y series bending machine.

2, the rear file material (X), slide stroke (Y) control are automatically controlled by the computer.

3. Ball screw is used for rear material.

Realize the electric rear file automatic positioning, control accuracy below 0.1

The automatic positioning of electric dead-gear block is realized, and the control precision is below 0.01

Unidirectional positioning, reducing the clearance of screw transmission.

Blocking material automatic retreat, to avoid the interference between the back of the material and the workpiece

Quick position teaching

4. The left and right sides of the machine tool and the back are equipped with safety equipment, the electrical cabinet is equipped with open door and power off, and the front and rear are equipped with emergency switch, with a protective foot switch,

In order to ensure the operation safety at work.

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