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Popularize the use and classification knowledge of hydraulic Press Brake Machine

When it comes to hydraulic Press Brake Machine, many friends may feel very confused. What is this equipment? Indeed,

most of us don't know what a bending machine is, but we can tell by its name that it is a machine, but what exactly is a machine for?

That's unknown. So, let's get to know what the bending machine is.

A, use

Bending machine is a kind of thin plate bending equipment, similar to stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, copper sheet and so on, mainly used in some sheet metal industry,

such as automobile plate, window plate and other materials for bending. Some are also equipped with special accessories on the machine,

which can be used for polishing and other procedures.

Second, the classification of

There are three types of bending machine, one is manual bending machine, one is hydraulic bending machine, and one is CNC bending machine.

And the hydraulic bending machine can be classified again in accordance with different synchronization methods,

which are also three kinds, namely, torsional shaft synchronization, electro-hydraulic synchronization, machine-hydraulic synchronization.

There are also different types of hydraulic bending machine, according to the different way of movement and moving up and down the two.

The above is the use and classification of the bending machine, a simple introduction to its basic situation. After reading the above content,

do you understand what is a bending machine? Bending machine in need of friends quickly go to the market to see it.

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