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How to lubricate the hydraulic profile bending machine

The hydraulic profile bending machine can complete the pre-bending, rolling and rounding process of the profile at one time. Profile bending machine advanced structure, full function, according to the user's use of standing or lying. Reasonable lubrication of profile bending machine is an effective measure to reduce power consumption and prolong machine life.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose reasonable lubricating materials and establish necessary lubricating system. Now let's take a look at the specific steps of lubrication for the profile bending machine.

1. Lubrication mode -------- The machine adopts oil cup lubrication and manual oiling respectively according to the working conditions. Please see the lubrication sign of the machine.

2, lubricating oil selection ------ manual refueling, the use of calcium based grease. Oil cup lubrication point, use no. 2 calcium base grease in summer, no. 1 calcium base grease in winter.

3, lubrication system and matters needing attention ------- users should establish specific lubrication system according to the specific working system, load and operation of the machine.

(1) Each lubrication point must be fully lubricated before starting the machine.

(2) In the case of continuous operation of the machine, the oil cup is generally supplied once every 4 hours, and the gear is generally lubricated once every three months.

(3) The whole lubrication system of the machine is cleaned once a year.

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