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How to troubleshoot hydraulic shear machine

Hydraulic shear machine fault tool rest does not work, hydraulic system can not work, there are many reasons, the following one to solve.

1. The oil circuit can not be established under pressure, and the tool holder can not operate;

2, the upper tool rest return is slow or can not return to the top dead point, the upper tool rest and press cylinder action sequence is not coordinated. 1. The electrical plug of electromagnetic directional valve is in poor contact hydraulic shear machine

3, solenoid valve spool is debris stuck or pulled without action

4. The sealing mouth of the valve spool of the combined valve has sundries and can not be closed

5. The throttle holes in the combined valve are blocked

6, nitrogen cylinder nitrogen pressure is insufficient shears elimination method 1, repair electrical plug

2. Check and disassemble

1. Ask the operator of the equipment to understand the operating condition of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic plate cutter.

Including: shear hydraulic system is working properly; There is no abnormal phenomenon of hydraulic pump;

Time and result of hydraulic oil cleanliness detection; Filter element cleaning and replacement;

Whether the hydraulic components are adjusted before failure; Whether sealing elements have been replaced;

What abnormal phenomena have appeared in the hydraulic system of plate shearing machine before and after the failure;

What faults have appeared in the system in the past, how to eliminate them, etc., need to be understood one by one.

2, look at the actual situation of the shear hydraulic system work, observe the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration and so on whether there are problems.

3, listen to the sound of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine, such as: impact sound; Pump noise and abnormal sound; Judge whether the hydraulic system works normally.

4, touch the temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the tightness of the joint to determine whether the working state of the moving parts of the hydraulic system of the plate shearing machine is normal.

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