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Hydraulic shearing equipment, accessories, what is an integral part?

Finally is the hydraulic shear machine of other mechanical design accessories, including: blades, bearings, tool rest,

a variety of different types and specifications of bolts, gears, rods and so on Hydraulic shearing equipment.

Hydraulic press is mainly a frame, hydraulic system, cooling system, pressure cylinder, upper die and lower die,

pressure cylinder mounted on the upper end of the frame, and connected with the upper die, cooling system and upper die, lower die connection.

The utility model is characterized in that the lower end of the frame is provided with a mobile workbench and a mobile

oil cylinder connected with the mobile workbench, and the lower mold is placed on the mobile workbench.

so as to achieve the clamping between the pressure plate and the base plate.

This is the classification of parts on hydraulic plate shears. Here, we remind newly purchased customers to check the complete

parts when they receive the hydraulic shears. Because these parts are small but very important, we can use the machine more quickly only if we find the problem in time

Hengtop machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly produces hydraulic shears,

hydraulic machines (hydraulic machines), bending machines, shears blank, uncoiling, leveling and production lines.

The second is through the hydraulic control system management of accessories, generally:

oil pump, a variety of different specifications of the valve, CNC shearer pressure gauge and its impact on the switch,

level gauge, oil pipe fittings, sealing ring work and so on.

Hydraulic plate shearing machine is operated through the cooperation of various parts,

detailed accessories can be divided into the following categories:

First, some parts of the electronic circuit usually include: various buttons, indicators,

and other controls for contactors, transformers, switches, motors, etc. Welcome to inquire the price of scissors.

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