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The method of improving the working efficiency of hydraulic sheet bending machine

Believe for hydraulic sheet metal bending machine all have a certain understanding, the specific function of it is known to all,

but for its proper operation method and the process is still not clear, but its operation process is mainly divided into operation before,

homework and homework, and so on several aspects of the process details, and to improve its use efficiency,

also need to use some skills, In the article, xiaobian for improving its efficiency to give you a detailed introduction.

In addition, we should pay attention to these points in operation:

1, there should be technical personnel working on the bending machine.

Require a technician to operate it, otherwise it may damage the fuselage due to improper operation.

2, folded steel plate according to standard specifications.

Can not fold more than the thickness of the steel plate can withstand, nor can fold more than the specified length of the steel plate,

so that not only adverse to the hydraulic plate bending machine, and even may be dangerous, causing certain damage to the body and the fuselage.

3, pay attention to maintenance.

In order to make the bending machine in the whole working process can have a better state, the operator in each workflow should pay attention to the details, so as to ensure that the equipment bending more smoothly, but also a maintenance method of equipment, can timely find the equipment may appear problems and timely treatment.

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