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Hydraulic sheet bending machine maintenance and daily maintenance

1) Before the maintenance or wiping of the bending machine, the upper die of the hydraulic sheet bending machine should be aligned with the lower die and

then put down and shut down until the work of the bending machine is completed. If it is necessary to start up or other operations, the mode should be selected in manual and ensure safety.

2) The maintenance of the bending machine is as follows:

Hydraulic system maintenance of bending machine:

A. Check the oil level of the tank every month, including after the maintenance of the hydraulic system. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, add hydraulic oil;

B. The hydraulic oil used in the bending machine is no. 46 hydraulic oil or No. 32 hydraulic oil, which can be used according to the actual situation;

C. The new bending machine should change the oil once within a month, and then change the oil once a year. Each time the oil is changed, the oil tank should be cleaned;

D. The system oil temperature should be between 35℃ and 60℃, not more than 70℃, if too high will lead to deterioration and damage of oil quality and accessories.

E. The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned every time the oil is changed;

F. If the bending machine has related alarm or oil is not clean and other filter abnormalities, it should be replaced;

G. The air filter on the oil tank of the bending machine should be checked and cleaned every 3 months, and it is best to replace it once a year.

H. Clean hydraulic parts (substrate, valve, motor, pump, oil pipe, etc.) every month. It is best to add a protective cover on the hydraulic system to prevent dirt from entering the system.

F. After one month of use, check whether the bending part of each oil pipe is deformed. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, all fittings should be fastened.

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