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Precautions and operation steps of hydraulic sheet bending machine before test run


When the machine is proved to be in normal operation, the following procedures can be followed.hydraulic sheet bending machine

  1. According to the thickness of the plate and the length of the folded plate,hydraulic sheet bending machine
  2. the bending force and the opening size of the V-shaped groove of the lower die should be calculated or checked (the size of the die mouth should generally be greater than or equal to 8 times the thickness of the plate).
  3. Align the center of the upper and lower molds.
  4. Determine the gap between the upper and lower molds and adjust it.
  5. Determine the position of front and rear stopper.
  6. Decide that the action standard is "dot", "single" or "continuous", and choose it by the switch.
  7. Put the workpiece on the center position of the machine working table to test pressure.
  8. Adjust the mold gap again, and adjust the upper mold adjusting block if necessary.
  9. Pay attention to the sealing condition of each seal, and exchange seals in time if leakage is found.
  10. The plate bending should be in the center of the machine, not partial load and unilateral load, to avoid affecting the accuracy of the workpiece and the machine, such as some workpiece really need unilateral operation, the load should be less than 100kN, but should be as far as possible on both sides of the plate together to deal with the problem of unilateral partial load.
  11. When the length of the folding plate is less than 600mm, it is not allowed to do the folding plate with full load (1000) (the folding plate load shall not exceed 100kN for each 100mm length).
  12. Attention should be paid to motor steering (counterclockwise) during test run.



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