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Operating procedure and specification of hydraulic single punching machine

1, hydraulic single punching machine operation steps:

(1) Check the power supply, voltage stability, leakage protector, air switch intact.

(2) Wiring, open the punching machine wiring cabinet, connect the wire, close the cabinet door.

(3) Step on the pedal switch after power, the machine does not work. Swap power cables and check whether the emergency stop switch is on.

(4) At work, pay attention to switch off the power every time the mold is replaced at work.

(5) After the work is finished, turn off the switch, turn off the main switch of the power supply, unplug the power cord and clean the debris.

2,hydraulic single punching machine  safety operation specifications:

(1) when punching, it is forbidden to touch the surface of the workpiece processed by hand, it is forbidden to measure the workpiece, and it is not allowed to clean the Angle material directly by hand.

(2) When the operator leaves the machine, he/she must stop. When starting the machine again, he/she must check that the position of the handle of each part should not change.

(3) When two or more people work together, there must be a unified command and consistent action.

(4)In use, more attention should be paid to observe whether the positive rotation screw on the side of the punching cylinder is loose, whether the gap is too large, and attention should be paid to timely inspection and adjustment.

(5) The use of frequent check travel switch and block, to prevent the formation of switch positioning baffle loose or out of the range of travel control and cylinder and pressure backup, resulting in weak machine punching, noise and damage to the oil pump, tubing and cylinder.

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