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According to the power source of the main drive, Hydraulic turret punch press can be divided into the following three categories:Classification and characteristics of CNC turret punch

The mechanical turret punch press. This kind of structure has single movement characteristic, narrow processing range,

low stamping frequency, high noise, easy wear of clutch and brake, low life, and has been basically eliminated by the market.

Hydraulic turret punch press. Through the hydraulic cylinder drive hitting head, by the electro-hydraulic servo valve stamping control,

this type of products in the past quite a long period of time are the mainstream products in the market. Compared with mechanical type,

its advantage is that the stamping process is expanded, the stamping frequency is improved, and the noise is reduced.

But there are oil pollution, large power consumption, poor environment and temperature tolerance, low reliability, difficult maintenance and other disadvantages.

All-electric servo turret punch press. With the improvement and promotion of high-torque servo motor and drive system in recent years,

all-electric servo turret punch has made great progress, and gradually replaced the hydraulic structure, become the mainstream product of the industry.

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