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Iranian customers purchase additional BS6020H-6KW fiber laser cutting machine

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We are delighted to share a moment of achievement as we dispatch our BS6020H-6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to a cherished customer in Iraq. This marks another milestone in our enduring partnership, which began in 2020 when the same customer embraced our CNC Turret Punching Machine. Their satisfaction with our technology and service propelled them to invest in the advanced capabilities of our fiber laser cutting machine in 2023.

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In 2020, our paths crossed when our customer, now a steadfast partner, first integrated our CNC Turret Punching Machine into their operations. Over the years, they have not only witnessed the machine's reliability but have also appreciated our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

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Product Showcase

The BS6020H-6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine exemplifies the pinnacle of cutting technology. With a 6KW laser, it ensures unparalleled precision and efficiency in metal cutting, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications. Designed for seamless integration into manufacturing processes, this machine offers a user-friendly interface, allowing for swift adaptation and minimal downtime.

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Customer Experience

Our customer's satisfaction with our CNC Turret Punching Machine paved the way for this recent acquisition. Their positive experience stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering not just machines but solutions that empower success.

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