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Jh21-160t pneumatic Power press machine——————design features

160 tons pneumatic punch open C structure fuselage, also known as JH21-160t pneumatic punch, 160 tons pneumatic press, etc. The equipment uses compressed air as power source, high efficiency and easy to operate, simple structure, little maintenance.

The use of solenoid valve as a control element, so that 160 ton pneumatic punch press price -JH21-160T pneumatic punch press structure is more simple,

low failure rate, high safety, simple maintenance, maintenance cost is lower, high production efficiency.

The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, simple and convenient operation.

Shandong Weili Heavy Industry Machine Tool Co., LTD., a large national standard punching press manufacturer,

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160 tons of pneumatic punch design features:

1, compressed air as power source, high efficiency and easy to operate, simple structure, little maintenance.

2, no oil pressure system standby noise, can save power consumption and reduce production costs.

3. Height, speed, stroke, pressure and stamping time can be adjusted according to different products or molds.

4, equipped with anti-rotation guide bar, guide plate, high precision, can adapt to high speed precision blanking.

5, can choose both hands control or foot mode. Ensure the safety of operators.

6, using microcomputer control system, the mode can choose manual, semi-automatic, automatic mode.

7, punching machine work, more energy saving than electric punch. Reduce electricity consumption.

Simple operation, high safety, using foot switch to control the solenoid valve, simple structure, low failure rate, improve production efficiency.

8, 160 tons of pneumatic punching press price -JH21-160T pneumatic punching press more health, clean!

The use of advanced photoelectric protection technology, security performance can be greatly improved, computer counting and program coordination,

can achieve unattended processing process, greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

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