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Large CNC universal plate winding machine for upper roll

Large CNC universal plate winding machine Performance and features:

1. High precision end pre-bending

Free set straight edge length, the upper roll directly pressure pre-bending, can complete high precision end pre-bending.

2.NC control, high production efficiency

NC process parameters of rolling products, simple operation, greatly improved efficiency.

3. Large CNC universal plate winding machine Super precision products

The upper roll is in the shape of a drum, and the lower part of the lower roll is adjusted by the supporting roller, continuously bending, from sheet to thick plate in a wide range of ideal products can be rolled.

4. Safety of operations

The two lower rollers are fixed, the upper roller moves up and down, left and right, the workpiece does not move with the work roller, the operator is safe.

5. Integral structure, simple foundation, easy to move

The equipment adopts integral chassis, without foundation bolt, simple foundation, easy to move the workplace.

6. Different uses, corresponding control methods

According to the use, there are the following control methods:

TNC (upper NC) : many varieties, a small amount of production;

T&BNC (upper, lower NC) : few varieties, mass production.

7. Rich curved shapes

It has o-type, U-type, multi-section R, auxiliary cone-drum device, which can coil cone-drum in a certain range.

O-bend: rear bend

U-bend: Front bend:

Multi-section R bending: combined mode.

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