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Durmapress large fiber laser cutting equipment features

Durmapress large fiber laser cutting equipment features

1, using carbon structure steel splice welding, dislocation honeycomb box structure,

avoid stress concentration deformation during welding process, high temperature 600° stress relief annealing process,

normal use for 20 years without deformation.

2, the beam adopts pressure casting aviation aluminum structure, rough processing after casting annealing,

and then vibration aging treatment, can completely eliminate the stress of welding and processing,

high density, light weight, good rigidity is the high-speed operation of the equipment Reliable guarantee.

3, The Lightbus system, bus terminal module and TwinCAT automation software Beckhoff special CNC system based on THE concept of PC control technology, integrated many laser cutting control special function modules, powerful, good man-machine interface, simple operation.

4, leading CNCKad integrated sheet metal CAD/CAM automatic programming software expert version nesting software,

CNC cutting machine to achieve "full time cutting, efficient cutting and high nesting rate cutting" core technology,

is effective material saving, improve the cutting efficiency of the fundamental guarantee.

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