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Laser cleaning equipment product characteristics and equipment advantages

Hand head weight: 1.8kg

Power consumption: < 1800 w.

Cooling method: air cooling

Laser cleaning equipment  Product features:

  1. Laser cleaning machine produced by YAG laser and pulse Q switching technology.

2, precise cleaning, can realize precise position, precise size selective cleaning.

3, Do not need any chemical cleaning liquid, no consumables, safe and environmental protection.

4, the operation is simple, can be powered on, can be hand-held or with the manipulator to achieve automatic cleaning.

5, cleaning efficiency is very high, save time.

6, laser cleaning system is stable, almost no maintenance.

Laser cleaning equipment  Equipment advantages:

  1. Non-contact cleaning
  2. With universal wheel, easy to move

3.8 Various waveforms are available

  1. Man-machine interface parameters can be adjusted
  2. It is suitable for hand-held and matching manipulator cleaning operation
  3. Can be used for specified position/size cleaning
  4. It will not cause damage to any metal surface
  5. Noise free air cooling system
  6. No consumable material safety and environmental protection
  7. Strong practicability, covering small power


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