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Application of laser cleaning machine in tire market

Technology changes life, the traditional mode of tire cleaning is very troublesome, but since the advent of laser cleaning machine, tire cleaning work becomes easy, simple and convenient. Mold is an important tool used in tire vulcanization process, mould in use process inevitably affected by rubber, chelating agent and the release agent used in the process of sulfide comprehensive sedimentary pollution (main pollutant is sulfide, inorganic oxide, and silicon oil, carbon black, etc.), repeated use will cause some pattern pollution dead zone. Therefore, the mold must be cleaned frequently to ensure the cleanliness of its surface.

Laser cleaning machine

There are two traditional cleaning methods for tire molds:

First, mechanical cleaning method

Use manual emery cloth or steel wire physical grinding and dry sandblasting, according to need can choose different combination cleaning.


1, a mature technology, is widely used in the tire industry.

  1. Simple and easy to operate, low requirements for equipment and tools


1, will cause mechanical damage to the mold, shorten the life of the mold

2, sandblasting treatment is easy to plug the exhaust hole of the mold, sandblasting after dredging the exhaust hole of a lot of work

3, resulting in high labor intensity, long cleaning cycle

Two, chemical cleaning method

Chemical cleaning method mainly includes: organic solvent method, melting method, pickling method, alkali washing method.

Advantages: easy to use, low cost

Disadvantages: long-term use of the above methods will cause mold corrosion, which will directly affect the appearance and quality of the product. At the same time, these pharmaceutical raw materials pollute the environment and damage the health of operators. It is necessary to have complete labor protection means and pollutant treatment equipment


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