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Laser cutting machine for FPC flexible circuit board

Laser cutting machine in flexible circuit board FPC processing process has three main functions:

FPC shape cutting, covering film window, drilling, etc., customers in use can be directly according to any path chart data used for FPC laser cutting, more convenient and fast, can greatly shorten the delivery cycle.

FPC laser cutting machine in this aspect of the characteristics and advantages:

When FPC cover film is opened, the cut cover film contour edge is neat and smooth, no burr, no glue overflow.

It is inevitable that there will be burr and overflow glue near the window after punching.

This burr and overflow glue is difficult to remove after the bonding and pressing on the pad,

which will directly affect the quality of the coating afterwards.

Flexible plate sample processing is often due to the customer needs to appear line, pad position modification,

resulting in the change of the covering film window, using the traditional method needs to replace or modify the mold.

And the use of laser processing, this problem can be easily solved, because you only need to modify the path map data

import can be very easy and fast processing you want to open the window graphic covering film,

in time and cost will win you the market competition opportunities.

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