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Laser cutting machine compared with ordinary shearing machine differences and advantages

Ordinary shearing machine, can only cut thin plate, and cutting are straight line such as square blanking use, special-shaped cutting is unable to do.

Operation process: before cutting material, workers should mark the plate measurement (where to cut), and at least 2 people should lift the material to the equipment for cutting after positioning.

After the ordinary plate shearing machine has cut the plate, the general customer also needs to go on the punch, sometimes need to open the grinding tool, welding after the completion of the blanking, processing.

Laser cutting machine compared with ordinary plate shearing machine:

1. Higher processing efficiency, the equipment can be continuously processed 24 hours a day, higher processing efficiency, for ordinary operators just simple guard equipment, more humanized.

2. More material saving, laser cutting belongs to mechanical drawing, can arrange arbitrary graphics, even in the waste materials are not needed can also arrange cutting, which is more economical.

3 cutting special-shaped graphics, machinery is no dead Angle, to the equipment what graphics will be processed what graphics, belongs to two-dimensional arbitrary graphics can be processed.

4. More safe, plate shearing machine belongs to two people lift material with the hand to the position, it is more prone to cut hands, hit feet and other events, and laser cutting can completely avoid this happening.

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