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Laser cutting machine CNC processing plastic has the following advantages

Laser cutting machine CNC processing plastic has the following advantages:

One, laser cutting machine plastic nozzle quality is good, belongs to the non-contact cutting, cutting edge is affected by heat is very small,

basically no workpiece thermal deformation, laser cutting machine a price, completely avoid the collapse of the edge formed when the die blanking,

laser cutting seam is smooth, Maanshan laser cutting machine, generally do not need secondary processing.

Two, laser cutting machine processing plastic materials can improve the speed of new product development:

after the formation of product drawings, laser processing can be carried out immediately, and in the shortest production cycle to get samples of new plastic products.

Three, laser cutting machine for cutting plastic material plastic mould cost can be saved,

the laser cutting of plastic processing does not need to die, no mould cost, do not need to repair the mold,

small laser cutting machine, save the time of mould replacement and thus save the processing costs,

reduce the cost of manufacturing, products suitable for large or small batch processing of plastic products. Laser cutting machine

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