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Laser cutting machine manufacturers for you to explain the "focus" in cutting

1, focus diameter: small diameter, narrow incision, small cutting thickness; Large diameter, wide incision, cutting thickness.

2, the focus position (determines the size of the spot on the workpiece surface and the shape of the cut,

the appropriate position depends on the material type and thickness.) Laser cutting machine manufacturers

(1) The focus position is the distance between the laser focus and the workpiece surface, which directly affects the roughness of the section,

the slope and width of the slit and the attachment of molten residue.

(2) if the focus position is advancing, it will make too many calories by cutting the workpiece bottom, under the condition of the cutting speed and auxiliary gas,

can cause the cutting material for cutting seam near the melting liquid with the surface of material flow,

cooling after melted material will spherical adhesion in the workpiece under the surface.

(3) if the position lags, the heat absorbed by the section of the cutting material is reduced,

so that the material in the slit can not be completely melted, and some sharp and short residue will be adhered to on the lower surface of the workpiece.

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