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Overview of LDW-24S profile bending machine

The upper and lower working rollers of the machine are active rollers. This can avoid the possible asynchronism in the process of rolling.

The linear speeds of the upper and lower working rollers are automatically matched by the hydraulic system during the rolling process.

The rotary movement of the equipment is equipped with a brake device to ensure the accurate positioning of the working coil.

The device runs smoothly and the winding is flexible and reliable LDW-24S profile bending machine.

The main function of the hydraulic system of the bending machine is to drive the rotation movement of the upper and lower rollers,

the lifting movement of the roller on both sides, and the tracking of the roller LDW-24S profile bending machine.

The whole hydraulic system design is reasonable, advanced and reliable.

Equipped with oil suction and oil return filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil.

The main components of the hydraulic system (pump, oil filter, motor, seal) are made of famous domestic manufacturers, with stable performance and reliable quality.

1, should be able to ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the processed workpiece.

2, make the shortest processing route, reduce empty travel time, improve processing efficiency.

3. Try to simplify the workload of numerical calculation and processing procedures.

4. Subroutines should be used for some repetitive procedures.

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