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Maanshan Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine and Advanced Hydraulic Pendulum Plate Shear Machine

The Maanshan hydraulic plate shear machine boasts a robust all-steel welding mechanism, ensuring hydraulic transmission and vibration elimination for stress relief, high strength, and optimal rigidity. The hydraulic pendulum plate shearing machine simplifies the hydraulic system by employing the main cylinder for downward shear movement (fixed on the wall panel) and nitrogen cylinder return, guaranteeing stable and efficient operation. During shearing, the upper tool rest of the pendulum shearing machine swings around a fixed axis, utilizing a lever action to minimize force on the fulcrum, thereby enhancing the longevity of both shearing blades and the machine. Its compact structure allows for stepless adjustment of the upper tool rest stroke, significantly elevating overall working efficiency.
The machine's rear stopper size and shear times feature a digital display for precise monitoring. The indicator board streamlines the clearance adjustment process for both upper and lower blades, offering a quick and convenient solution.


Complete System Components

  1. Electrical control is facilitated by main components from Schneider.

  2. The blade is the "upper blade" (6CrW2Si) sourced from Shanghai Blade Factory.

  3. The hydraulic pump relies on the aerospace standard low-noise internal gear pump NT3 series.

  4. Cylinder seals are produced by Japan's Huarka Company.

  5. Digital display components are sourced from Wenzhou Dahua, with the encoder provided by Nissan.

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