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How to improve the service life of machines hydraulic press brake

In order to prevent mucosa from aggravating the wear of machines hydraulic press brake mold parts,

it is necessary to use the bending machine mold material with small affinity with the parts,

so as to improve the quality of the press brake bending mold.

When designing the structure of the bending machine die, remember that the structure is

compact and easy to operate, and ensure that the bending machine die has high strength and stiffness;

When the structure of the bending machine mould allows, the corner of the surface of the

bending machine mould parts should be designed as rounded transition as far as possible to prevent stress concentration;

For the die, cavity and part of the punch, core, can be combined or embedded structure to

eliminate stress concentration, slender punch or core, the structure needs to take appropriate maintenance measures;

The following points need to be paid attention to in the process of mould processing and material selection:

  1. The stamping die mainly accepts periodic load, which is easy to cause external fatigue cracks, leading to surface spalling.
  2. It is necessary to select good external toughness data;
  3. The main failure form of blanking die is edge wear, so it is necessary to choose materials with high surface hardness and good wear resistance;
  4. Deep drawing die should choose materials with particularly low friction coefficient;
  5. For injection mold, when the plastic parts are ABSPPPC and other materials, the bending machine mold material can choose pre-hard quenching and tempering steel, when the plastic parts are high finish and transparent data, corrosion resistant stainless steel can be selected, when the product batch is large, quenching and tempering steel can be selected;
  6. Because the die casting die is subjected to cyclic thermal stress, the material with strong thermal fatigue should be selected.


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