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Mold operation instructions for machines hydraulic press brake

Mold operation instructions for machines hydraulic press brake

1. Before calendering, we should first reflect on whether the two rolls of the bending machine mold can be parallel. If not, adjust the gasket to make it parallel.And confirm the appearance of the drum clean, no accessories.Then, reflect on whether the two rolls are complete and close, Zhejiang stainless steel bending machine mold, press the pointer reading can be zero, if not zero, adjust the pointer scale to zero.

2. Adjust the roll seam of the handle downward to the required calendering thickness.The size of the roll gap can be read by the pressure indicator plate in mm.

3. For the strip, place the calendering data on the template and fix it with the steel bars on both sides.For powder, insert the feed funnel into the slot for fixation.

4. Turn off the power switch and press the "Forward" button to stop calendering.When the calendering is over, press the "stop" button and then disconnect the power switch.During the calendering process, if you need to reverse calendering, you can press the "reverse" button in the stop mode of the bending machine mold, or press the "stop" button first and then press the "reverse" button when turning forward.

5. After the test, wipe the drum with flannelette, clean up the residue, adjust the two drums together, and cover the dust cover.

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