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Four factors affecting the accuracy of metal 1000w metal laser cutting machine

The size of the laser agglomeration of the laser generator: if the spot is smaller after the concentration, the cutting accuracy will be higher,

and if the gap after cutting is also smaller. It means that the metal laser cutting machine has high precision and good quality.

However, the beam emitted by the laser is tapered, so the slits cut out are also tapered. Under this condition,

the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, and therefore the larger the kerf.
Accuracy of the workbench: If the accuracy of the workbench of the metal laser cutting machine is high,

the cutting accuracy will also be increased. Therefore, the accuracy of the workbench is also an important factor to measure the accuracy of the laser generator.
The laser beam is condensed into a cone: when the metal laser cutting machine is cutting, the laser beam is downward in a cone.

At this time, if the thickness of the cutting workpiece is large, the cutting accuracy will decrease, and the cut out gap will be larger. .
Different materials are cut: it will also affect the accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine.

In the same case, the precision of metal laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel and cutting aluminum will be different,

the cutting precision of stainless steel will be higher, and the cut surface will be smoother.

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