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Components of laser cutting machine & Metal laser cutting machine advantages

Mainly used for cutting the sheet into the required shape of the workpiece laser processing machine, is also the use of laser beam heat energy to complete the cutting equipment.

Components of Metal laser cutting machine:

(1) Machine tool host part: laser cutting machine tool part, divided into X, Y, Z axis of the moving machinery part, including cutting operation channel;

(2) laser generator: laser light source device;

(3) external light path: refraction mirror, used to guide the laser direction required;

(4) CNC system: control the machine to complete the movement of X, Y, Z axis, but also control the output power of the laser;

(5) Regulated power supply: connected in the laser, CNC machine tool between the power supply system;

(6) Cutting head: mainly including cavity, concentrating lens holder, focusing mirror, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle parts;

(7) Control console: used to control the operation process of the whole cutting device;

(8) Water chiller: used for cooling laser generator;

(9) gas cylinders: including laser cutting medium cylinders and auxiliary cylinders;

(10) Air compressor, gas storage tank: provide and store compressed air;

Metal laser cutting machine advantages: high precision, fast speed, small heat affected area, not easy to deformation, high cost performance, the use of cost is very low; Low maintenance cost, stable function, sustainable production.

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