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How does metal laser cutting machine cut double-sided coated sheet?

The plate can not be cut through or cut after a large burr, but if the film below the plate is all torn off, there will be scratches below the plate.

The specific method of using metal laser cutting machine is:

1. Draw an auxiliary cutting diagram that matches the actual cutting diagram. The specific method is to mirror the actual cutting diagram,

then the auxiliary cutting diagram can be obtained directly.

2. Calculate the location and maximum offset of the film to be torn off. Theoretically speaking, the use of auxiliary cutting diagram in the sheet above the use of laser etching,

etching the cutting position of the protective film, in the sheet over the direct cutting can be. But in the actual cutting process,

due to the influence of laser cutting machine positioning error and sheet shape error, the cutting position of the front and back of the sheet is impossible to coincide.

Therefore, in front of the etching time to calculate the accurate offset, and the offset position of the protective film off.

3. Draw cutting drawings and auxiliary cutting drawings. Cutting drawings can be drawn directly in accordance with the shape of the workpiece,

auxiliary cutting drawings, first mirror the actual cutting drawings, and then offset with the set error value.

4. Typesetting of laser cutting drawings. It is necessary to typeset the auxiliary cutting drawings first.

Secondly, the typesetting image of the auxiliary cutting map and the etching line are removed, and only the actual cutting map is retained.

5, laser cutting. First do a good version of the way to etch, and then tear off the laser incision position of the protective film.

After the protective film is removed, the steel plate is turned over and then the workpiece is cut.

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