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Importance of regular maintenance of optical path system of metal laser cutting machine

1, the mirror for a long time to use will be processed by the smoke pollution, and then affect the output of the laser, so it needs to be checked and maintained regularly,

in order to ensure clean. Usable absorbent cotton dips in take anhydrous ethanol or special lens cleanness fluid undertakes cleaning.

It should be noted that when wiping, even if it is not cotton, it can also be replaced by other soft objects,

but it must not be used with sharp products, otherwise it is easy to cause mirror scratches metal laser cutting machine.

2. The lower surface of the focusing lens in the focusing lens may also be contaminated by the volatiles of the workpiece.

When it is polluted, it will also greatly affect the laser output of metal laser cutting machine,

so we must pay attention to exhaust and blow protection when processing, and try to avoid focusing mirror pollution.

If the pollution is serious, the following methods can be adopted to clean:

(1) Remove the blowing pipe, pressure ring and protective sleeve, and carefully remove the focusing mirror;

(2) Blow the dust on the surface of the focusing mirror with a balloon;

(3) Carefully grab the absorbent cotton ball with tweezers and dip it in anhydrous ethanol or special lens cleaner to wipe it gently.

Wipe it gently from inside to outside in one direction. Each time, replace the absorbent cotton ball until the dirt is removed.

It should be noted that: wipe in the same direction, can not wipe back and forth, but can not be scratched,

because the lens surface of the metal laser cutting machine is coated with antireflection film, if the film damage will seriously affect the output of laser energy.

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