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Metal laser cutting machine processing metal sheet simple method

Many industries need to process the metal sheet, so it is inevitable to awaken the metal sheet cutting.

And metal laser cutting machine is a good tool to cut metal sheet. So is there any simple

method for metal laser cutting machine to process Metal laser cutting machine?

It is very important to determine the positioning focus of metal laser cutting machine

when processing metal sheet. There are three simple methods to determine:

1. Printing method: make the cutting head move from top to bottom,

and print the laser beam on the plastic plate, and print the small diameter as the focus.

2, oblique plate method: with a vertical axis into an Angle oblique plastic plate

so that the horizontal pull, looking for the minimum laser beam as the focus.

3, blue spark method: remove the nozzle, blowing air, the pulse laser hit on the stainless steel plate,

so that the cutting head moves from top to bottom, until the blue spark is the focus.

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