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Metal laser cutting machine reset abnormal how to do?

Metal laser cutting machine is a commonly used modern processing equipment, in the use of the process will always appear some problems,

especially metal laser cutting machine reset abnormal. This is what we are more concerned about.

The following is a brief introduction of abnormal reset of metal laser cutting machine. How do I resolve the reset exception?

1. Check whether the metal laser cutting machine sensor is stained with dust, bad contact or damage (wipe or replace the dust on the sensor);

2. Check whether the data line of the flexible belt is in bad contact or damaged (trim the data line and reinsert or replace the data line);

3. Check whether the ground cable is in reliable contact or whether the high voltage cable is damaged (re-ground or replace the high voltage cable).

4. Poor motor wire contact. Laser cutting machine is missing, initialization is incorrect, data has been sent (correction); Reverse operation order (reenter); Electrostatic interference (check whether the grounding cable falls off); Clean the hook edge dislocation, do not close, check whether the software parameter Settings are correct (reset); Computer system error (reinstallation of operating system and software); Check whether the tightness of the left and right belts is consistent or whether the rear end belt is too loose (belt tightening); Check whether the belt or synchronous wheel is slipping or jumping teeth (tighten the synchronous wheel or belt); Check that beams are parallel (readjust left and right belts).


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