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Metal plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine features

1. In the pipe cutting industry, the company mainly solves the problem of cutting various types of pipe, such as square pipe Metal plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine,

round pipe, elliptical pipe, D-type pipe, polygon pipe, waist pipe, which has high precision and high efficiency. The length of the pipe cutting can reach 6 meters;

2. The CNC system uses the domestic Shanghai Bochu tube cutting system, the new human-computer interaction interface,

cutting simulation CAM software real-time tracking display. The process parameter library for pipe cutting industry,

as well as the use of wireless handheld box, reached the domestic level;

3. One machine can be used for cutting plate and pipe at the same time; Equipped with original imported laser, higher cutting efficiency, longer service life;

4. Brand-new replacement bed, service life of more than 20 years; The third generation of aviation aluminum beam, in the premise of ensuring strength to reduce the weight;

5. Lower weight, faster gantry operation;

6. Automatic focusing laser head, electric clamping chuck, high configuration, cost-effective.

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