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How to set and operate the cutting parameters of NC plasma cutting machine


CNC plasma cutting machine it can be used to cut the steel plate, so we must include it in the learning of steel plate cutting at the same time. And CNC plasma cutting machine, it involves a lot of content and aspects, such as: what is CNC plasma cutting machine? Numerical control plasma cutting machine price? There is CNC plasma cutting machine programming problems, these are related to the problem, but also everyone concerned about. However, in addition to the above, there are still some other aspects of the content, they are also we need to learn, understand and master, so next, Xiaobian to carry out specific explanation, hoping to help and inspire you.


Some parameters in the CNC plasma cutting machine can be set, so how to proceed, the following small make up to guide.

Arc time: That is, the punch time, generally through the keyboard directly input.

Cutting speed, slit compensation: Generally through the keyboard directly input.

Arc height: That is, the perforation height, generally in the cutting gun part for manual adjustment.

Arc pressure: Generally, it is manually adjusted on the arc pressure sensor.

CNC plasma cutting machine how to operate? To this question, the specific answer is:

(1) Start the air compressor first, then the machine tool control cabinet and plasma power supply, and then set the corresponding parameters. It is the start procedure, so that the cutting work can be started. Pay attention to the sequence can not be reversed, so as to avoid problems.

(2) for steel plate cutting, the process parameters should be set reasonable and effective.

(3) After cutting, the power and air source should be turned off in time.

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