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Nc plasma cutting machine operation rules

Motor motor we all know that is divided into stepper motor and servo motor, different laser cutting machine manufacturer configuration of motor brand is different,

the power will be different, this is the main component that determines the cutting speed of laser plate cutting machine, power is large,

acceleration is large, power is small. The price of manual and automatic focusing of the same brand will be very different, so when comparing the price of laser plate cutting machine,

we should look at the difference in configuration. Verticality Due to the cutting beam focusing and divergence characteristics,

the cutting process (especially when cutting thick plate, material thickness direction of different depth of spot size is inconsistent,

resulting in cutting surface and plate surface can not reach 90 degrees, or the upper surface is wider or the lower surface is wider.

Nc plasma cutting machine operation rules

1. Turn on the switch controlling numerical control in the workshop power distribution cabinet, turn on the main power supply of the cutting electromechanical cabinet, turn on the power supply of the dust collector, and start the dust collector.

2. After the CNC system is completely started, the right turn emergency stop switch and the right turn power button power on the drive.

3. Custom axis return zero.

4. Check the plasma wearing parts and replace them.

5. Open oxygen compressed air, each gas pressure is 8. 3 bar + / - 10%.

6. Call the cutter.

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