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How to operate the nc profile bending machine better

When nc profile bending machine, will be recorded in the control medium, to describe all the required process information processing, namely originally need operators consider when general profile bending machine processing and decision and action of digital information input to the numerical control profile bending machine of numerical control device, to operation and control of the input information, And continue to the servo mechanism - the machine tool to achieve machining movement of mechanical and electrical function conversion components send pulse signals, servo mechanism to the pulse signal conversion and amplification processing, and then by the transmission mechanism to drive the machine tool according to the program to move, we can process the parts we need. Visible, profile bending machine to achieve NUMERICAL control processing, programming is the key, but there must be numerical control process preparation before programming and programming after the cleaning work. Strictly speaking, NUMERICAL control programming also belongs to the category of numerical control technology. Therefore, numerical control processing technology mainly includes the following aspects:

Select and determine the parts and contents to be nc machined;

Design nc machining process;

Carry out necessary digital processing for parts graphics;

Write processing program (automatic programming for the source program, by the computer automatically generate the target program - processing program);

Production of control media according to the program;

Verify and modify the program;

First piece trial processing and on-site problem solving;

Preparation and filing of numerical control processing technology documents for profile bending machine.

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