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Numerical control press brake machine bending operation rules——Wear protective clothing and safety helmet.

Numerical control press brake machine bending operation rules

1. Wear protective clothing and safety helmet press brake machine bending.

2, before the official start, to ensure that the motor, switch, line and grounding are used normally and firmly, and other switches or buttons are in the correct position.

3, make sure the upper and lower die is aligned and firm; Confirm that all the positioning devices have met the processing requirements.

4, check whether the program is back to the origin, especially on the skateboard and the positioning axis.

5, after starting the equipment, do not rush to use, first test run for 1-2 minutes, if the fault is found immediately turn off the equipment, find out the cause of the timely troubleshooting, can be formal work.

6, one command, other personnel with full cooperation.

7, bending plate to ensure that the pressure is tight enough, so as not to suddenly warped to hurt people.

8. When replacing the sheet mould, turn off the power supply and replace the equipment when it stops running.

9. When the opening of the variable lower die is changed, no other material can contact with it.

10. No one can stand behind the device after it is started.

11, not only in one end of the press folding sheet.

12. In the process of operation, if the workpiece or mold is found to be in an incorrect position, it can not be corrected directly by hand, and it should be stopped for correction.

13, the thickness of the folded plate can not exceed the thickness range required by the CNC bending machine, otherwise it may damage the machine tool.

14. Regularly check the overlap degree of the upper and lower molds and whether the pressure gauge pointer is normal.

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