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Numerical control vertical slotting machine advantages

1, CNC vertical slotting machine is simple to operate: the equipment is designed for ordinary workers, strip type workpiece mortise and groove only need a simple tool, input slot parameters can automatically generate processing code, automatic processing.

2, the equipment can be processed in a wide range, suitable for processing different categories of tenon, waist round tenon, round tenon, arc tenon, spline tenon processing, double station, can be stopped for workpiece clamping, uninterrupted production, CNC vertical slotting machine, production.

3, high precision. The tenon system adopts CNC positioning, automatic calibration of the position of the tool head, smooth machining surface, tenon and tenon closely anastomosis;

4, the machine is equipped with double work table, one person can operate, numerical control vertical slotting machine which is good, adjust the hand wheel to the working table 0-45 degrees adjustment, real tenon inclination processing

5, good mechanical versatility: can be configured with a variety of fixtures, numerical control vertical slotting machine price, on all kinds of strip, bending material workpiece mortise and groove processing.

6, good operating system: simple operation, stable working system program, rest assured production, no after-sales service trouble. The machine adopts numerical control, menu selection and parametric input, which is more convenient and faster than traditional mechanical adjustment of tenon size and shape.

7, suitable for processing all kinds of linear grooves, shaped grooves, strong practicability, especially for multiple tenon grooves, small spacing between tenon grooves, hole combination, the same workpiece length and depth of different and complex shaped workpiece processing.

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