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Some details of the pendulum nc plate shearing machine when disassembling the oil pipe

No matter what kind of goods to buy, generally contain instructions, the purpose is to let people operate correctly, so as not to appear operation failure, affect the quality of the product. Pendulum CNC plate shearing machine as a larger equipment,

there is a certain risk of operation, because there are blades, and electricity, will not use the operation is very dangerous. In order to reduce security risks,

so that we can operate the method can be found. Today mainly to introduce you to the equipment to remove the oil pipe matters needing attention.

1. Clean the connecting parts of the oil pipe in advance, and wrap the oil pipe with clean plastic products or paraffin paper at the opening part of the oil pipe.

Do not block the oil pipe with cotton yarn or rags, and pay attention to avoid impurities mixed with it.

When disassembling complex pipelines, iron sheets or plastic sheets should be tied up at the joint of each tubing and numbered,

so as not to install the tubing wrong when assembling.

2. When replacing rubber seals, do not use sharp tools and do not touch the working surface.

During installation or maintenance, the sharp corners of the contacting parts should be blunted so as not to scratch the sealing ring by sharp corners or burrs.

3. Clean all parts and components before assembling after disassembling.

4. Before assembly, O-ring or other seals should be immersed in oil for use. During assembly or after assembly, the sealing ring should not be distorted,

and the lubrication performance in the sliding process should be ensured.

5. Tighten properly when installing hydraulic components or pipe joints. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the deformation of the hydraulic components shell,

the spool of the slide valve and the oil leakage of the combined parts.


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