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Advantages and disadvantages of underwater plasma cutting machine

Advantages and disadvantages of underwater plasma cutting machine

Ordinary dry plasma cutting easy to produce a lot of metal dust, bad gas, bright light dazzling, some cutting problems caused by headaches,

in order to solve this problem, underwater plasma cutting machine came into being.

You must equipped with anti-collision device or underwater plasma cutting arc high pressure automatic tuning device,

underwater cutting, surface due to arc and the impact of the cutting gas, easy to create very turbid water,

is fundamental to the naked eye can't see the cutting position and the height of the steel plate cutting distance,

walking in the cutting process, the deformation of if steel raised, will crash into the cutting torch,

Cause the fracture or damage of the cutting gun, when cutting, the horizontal plane is 3-5mm from the height of the steel plate.

Advantages of underwater cutting: the beam adopts wide body reinforced box structure, beautiful appearance.

End frame adopts low center of gravity structure, symmetrical structure, good stability, all welding stress treatment, to ensure the overall rigid strength and good dynamic balance

Disadvantages: the price of underwater plasma cutting machine is expensive, and the cutting effect is not as good as dry plasma cutting effect, buy less manufacturers.

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