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Application of plate fiber laser cutting machine in machining industry

Thin plate fiber laser cutting machine is used more and more commonly in the field of processing, because of its simple operation, cost drop, good flexibility,

high efficiency, so in the field of metal processing, fiber laser cutting machine is very important technology,

to our production has brought great convenience, provide great power. In the field of large-area machine tools,

thin plate cutting, THREE-DIMENSIONAL cutting applications, it can be said that fiber laser cutting machine is the leader in the development of laser technology.

Fiber laser cutting machine

Let the following multi-dimensional thin fiber laser cutting machine xiaobian take you to discuss the contribution of thin fiber laser cutting machine processing field:

1. Good environmental protection. The laser beam can be focused in a very small area with a low thermal variation near the cutting edge. Unlike water cutting and traditional cutting systems, where no mechanical pressure is applied on the light sheet, laser cutting has the ability to operate with complex contours and very little curvature of the light.

2. High security. Laser is a non-contact instrument, to ensure that the mechanical pressure generated by the material and the instrument is not subject to wear and tear, cutting ability is independent of the hardness of the material, cutting coating or surface treatment material ability is high.

3. High automation and flexibility. Laser cutting is easily integrated with other automation systems with very high finishing capacity and ADAPTS to changing production capacity requirements.

4. Shorten working hours and improve product quality. Fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced technology, simple production, cutting speed, high precision.

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